09 February 2015

Helpful links on the journey

When I first started my journey from the traditional secular to the traditional Christian, I had a lot of anger towards Christianity that needed to be examined. I had been convinced that my anger was warranted based on my experiences with the Christian church and other Christians. I grew up under an interpretation of the scriptures that was flawed at best, completely wrong at worst. It was a feel-good interpretation that championed social justice work and the aggrandizement of the ego. I wanted no part of this.

As I began to re-examine the scriptures and read the Bible for myself and not through the lens of others' interpretation, I began to see the teachings of Christ in a whole new light. My anger at Christianity itself was misdirected: the anger should have always been at the so-called authorities whose understanding of the Bible was heresy.

There have been several websites that have been highly instructive as I journeyed down this path to truth.

The Ligonier Ministries (particularly the blog and Tabletalk) -- Reformed pastor R. C. Sproul and his staff have been highly instrumental in my reading and understanding the Bible correctly.

Faith and Heritage -- Nathaniel Strickland and his contributing authors write about race from a Biblical perspective.

The Sola Sisters -- Two sisters who left the New Age movement and now write about its infiltration of the church.

The Aquila Report -- A news aggregator that focuses on what's happening in the Reformed world and the larger Christian sphere.

Alistair Begg -- Reformed pastor whose sermons have been highly instructive in my search for a church home.

Reading and interpreting the Bible as a call to social justice work, increased charity/welfare, and more immigration of any sort is wrong. True Christianity understands this and correct reading of the Bible confirms this.

Anything else is heresy.

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