28 July 2014

We live in a perpetual disconnect from reality

We are told that two people of the same gender can have a baby. We are told that if women aren't provided with birth control and abortion-on-demand then those women are oppressed and being abused. We are told that importing millions of illiterate illegal immigrants will bring Americans more work and end the recession. We are told many lies that simply don't hold up under scrutiny and in relation to reality.

The people who perpetuate these lies -- the media, elected officials, twitter pundits and bloggers -- defend them viciously, employing tactics that they claim to abhor, like bullying. No matter how often you point out the inconsistencies and fallacies of their position, no matter how much you counter them with reality, they will always claim to be the enlightened ones while we are the ignorant and uneducated.

How did we end up in a place where reality is called a lie and a lie is called reality? How can so many people be so disconnected from reality? Reality isn't open to interpretation and it isn't different for every person, like the New Agers would have you believe. It is a constant. It is truth. It is incorruptible. And yet so many are completely disconnected from it.

I think cities bear a large brunt of the blame for this. Our modern Towers of Babel, we have built these massive cities, full of massive buildings, teeming with humanity and we congratulate ourselves that we have triumphed over the natural world. To me cities have come to represent the worst of humanity: ugly, brutal, anonymous, loud, dirty, relentless.

When you obliterate nature and the night sky, you create a world in which you think you are God. When you think you are God, you think that you can trump the natural world and the laws that govern it. Soon you believe that two same-gendered people can biologically have children, that sex is only for recreation and not procreation, and that there will always be an endless supply of other people's money to spend as you want.

But perhaps the most insidious consequence of this God complex is the belief that one is entitled to disconnect from reality.  I would argue that most people are on some level aware that they are willfully flouting the laws that govern reality in a bid to get what they want, regardless of the outcome. These people don't care what they destroy in the long-term so long as they receive the benefit in the short-term. Besides, there will always be someone they can blame when things go awry.

Reality will only be ignored for so long and nature can only be subdued so far. There will be a reckoning and a remediation, a balancing of accounts, to remedy this unsustainable situation. People who have a God complex believe themselves to be immune from the consequences of their actions. Thankfully, that's not the way things actually work.


  1. Hello, Claire! Thanks for your greeting on about.me!

    I've been reading your most recent posts, and I think they're great.

    On immigration: I personally know many immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries. I can say from experience, that though SOME may be illiterate, there are others who have good educations (maybe better than some North Americans), and are hardworking and have a lot of integrity. And those who stay here don't stay here for free. They work, and though some times they're paid in cash, much of the time, taxes are deducted from their wages just like everyone else. When they buy products from the store, they pay sales tax just like everyone else. I know there is more to the issue than that, and perhaps my own personal experience isn't an accurate gauge of the situation as a whole! However, I'd like to add that I think people should NOT cross the border illegally. They should be responsible, and do things the proper way. And if that doesn't work out, then they should stay in their own country. Laws must be respected. Drug transport is another concern, and a big problem. Another reason why border security is a good idea.

    On Christianity: Though I've never had any spiritual "experiences" that I can point to, and say, "God spoke to me," I believe that being a Christian is much more than reading the Bible and following its guidelines. It's a heart issue. It's about believing in Jesus as the ONLY Savior and way to eternal life, and receiving Him as Lord of our lives, as the Scriptures clearly teach. This inner faith informs all our outward choices. If it doesn't, then there is something very wrong -- not with the Bible, or with God, but with the person!

    Spending some time this morning reading your blog has been very enjoyable! I plan on coming back later to read more!
    Jessica (heavenlyhearth3 from Truth at Home)

    1. Hi, Jessica. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I spent some of yesterday afternoon reading yours after I came across a link on The Headcovering Movement website. I really enjoyed your posts and will definitely return in the future.

      Regarding your comment on immigration, I can certainly understand what you're saying but I think that the problem is more than just the quality of immigrants that we're allowing into the United States. The problem with letting in the best from other countries is that they deplete the talent that is needed in their home countries and bring it here where we already have our own talent. These people need to be encouraged to stay and work for their people and their countries; it's the only way change will ever occur and their problems will ever be fixed.

      I have read a lot about the position of Christians on immigration and I think most are mistaken about what the Biblical mandate to care for these people looks like. While belief in Christ makes us all one in Christ, it does not eliminate race or nations. These were created by God and He has not called for us to destroy His work. The Tower of Babel occurred because humans have a nasty habit of gathering together and thinking that they know better than God. Humans most certainly do not. Creating our utopia of One World goes against what God has decreed necessary to prevent humans from trying to assume God's role.

      A very dangerous ideology is at work in the world. It has all the appearance of being right and "of the light" but we need to tread carefully. I don't believe it's cruel or unbiblical to respect that which God created.

    2. Agreed! People SHOULD contribute to the well-being of their own countries. The Bible teaches us to not MISTREAT or ABUSE foreigners, but it doesn't say we should turn a blind eye to the kind of law-breaking that occurs when people cross the border illegally. There definitely needs to be some kind of action taken.

      Having said that, it seems appropriate to remember that we're dealing with people here, who have feelings and families, so our approach should be compassionate, as well. Justice should be tempered with mercy...

      Big subject, I know! And this is probably not a problem that can be resolved by mere "niceness" toward immigrants. I'm not qualified to opinionate on all the economic factors; but, having witnessed first hand the immigrant situation from close perspective, I do think I can offer an honest appraisal of the more "close to home" aspects.

      Great conversation, I think! Thanks for your reply to my comment, and for your patience in hearing me out!

  2. It's been a pleasure to discuss this with you. It is a huge topic. I'm still working it all out myself, and I agree that it must be tempered with compassion. I worry that what people may view as compassionate may ultimately be detrimental. It is tempting to want to eliminate suffering for others but suffering is often the catalyst for improvement. We run the risk of playing God when we try to intervene too much.

    Yet we are called to be compassionate, merciful and generous. Maybe what we need is to rethink what that means. We often stunt the growth of other nations when we "help." This is just one of many articles on the web that discuss this in greater detail:


    Thanks for the great discussion! I've got a lot to think about. A blog post may be in order!