10 February 2015


Over at Amerika Brett Stevens has written a post that clearly delineates the problems our society is facing and the actions needed to remedy the situation.

Our goal is to destroy what is in power because it is corrupt. This includes not only the lying government and the deceptive media, but all people who have benefited from the system as it is now. To benefit, you must not only accept the lie but force it onto others, the oldest “multi-level marketing” or pyramid scam in existence. These people are therefore corrupted and cannot be saved and must be exiled, executed or otherwise driven out of our society. They used the lie to their own advantage, which makes them criminals, not leaders. Our media pundits, “entertainers,” fake religious leaders, corrupt politicians and leaders of useless industry are all parasites like the leech or the mosquito, and we need our blood to rebuild not to subsidize these otherwise useless people.

A new creation is needed, arising from a desire for purpose instead of equality. Toward this goal we each do our part, and so derive roles which are not interchangeable but specific to us. We value ourselves by what we are able to do, not what titles or money we have tricked a corrupt system into paying us. This will reverse the current situation, which is where the parasites are on top in the workplace and in politics, elected by the credulous millions and their pretense of making the “right” choice when they actually make the convenient one that flatters their egos, and instead will put the most capable people in charge. We can have one or the other, rule by parasites or rule by the capable, but not both.

It's a powerful clarion call to action.

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